Trajan Brand Design

Trajan Brand Design

When we first founded Trajan Gold we know we didn't want to overlook the brand design and the logo. One of the core principals of why we started Trajan was to create a brand that was bold, simple, and recognizable that our customers would be proud to wear and represent through our products.

We named Trajan Gold after the Roman Solider and Emporer Marcus Ulpius Trajanus more commonly known as Trajan. Emporer Trajan reigned from the year 98 to 117 and is best remembered for overseeing one of the great military expansions in the history of the Roman empire and built a cult of personality type following over the course of his reign. The type of rebellious, strong symbol we wanted to represent the brand.

The Logo

When first drawing up concepts for the Trajan Gold logo we had a few core ideas we wanted to keep in mind. We wanted to keep the logo symbol simple enough to be redrawn by hand and also simple enough to be recognizable in small print size. It needed to have a strong, geometric design and presented the brand accurately enough to be used on its own without text.

The final design is a strong triangular vector representing both the "T" and "G" in the Trajan Gold name. We couldn't be happier with the final design and are proud to display it on everything we do.

As for the company name version of the logo, we settled on the "Roboto Bold" font which is part of the sans-serif typeface family developed by Google. It's strong, simple, and different enough to be set apart from others.

The Brand Colors

Keeping the same design cues in mind, we knew right from the start that the Trajan Gold brand colors had to be strong, simple, and bold. We didn't want to take away from the stark contracting angular design of the logo itself/

So we settled on a 4 color palette of a dark grey, stark white, light gold, and passionate pink color to represent our women's collection. The light and dark core colors along with the two accent colors make the perfect palette for our brand.

We hope you all love the designs we've made and can't wait to share more existing updates here on the blog with you very soon!